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Title: Assessing the impact of distributed generation on distribution network costs
Authors: R. Cossent , T. Gómez , L. Olmos , C. Mateo , P. Frías
Keywords: Distributed generation, distribution network costs, reference network models
Research topics: Smart grids
Abstract: The support of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES) and combined heat and power (CHP) has led to increasing penetration levels of distributed generation (DG). Nevertheless, Large-scale connection of DG faces numerous regulatory, economic, social and technological challenges. Distribution networks were not originally designed to accommodate generation. Hence, distribution system operators (DSOs) face great uncertainties about the impacts of DG on distribution network planning and operation. This paper presents a quantification of how DG affects distribution network costs in three real distribution areas. Several scenarios of demand and DG have been analysed for each case study. Two reference network models (RNMs) have been used to consider the most critical snapshots within each scenario: maximum demand-minimum generation and maximum generation-minimum demand. Results yielded significant differences among the three case studies.
Reference: 6th International Conference on the European Energy Market - EEM'09. Leuven, Belgium, 27-29 Mayo 2009
Publication date: May 2009
Internal document reference: IIT-09-022A
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