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Mr. Ismael Jaime Fernández Fernández


Last category: Research Assistant
Research Area: Intelligent Systems Research Group
Membership dates: 22/Jul/2010 - 24/Oct/2012

Not available.

Journal Publications

    A. Sánchez, T. Gómez, I. Fernández, C. Calvillo, "Business models towards the effective integration of electric vehicles in the grid", IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine. vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 45-56, October 2014.
    show more   DOI icon 10.1109/MITS.2014.2329327    

    I. Fernández, C. Calvillo, A. Sánchez, J. Boal, "Capacity fade and aging models for electric batteries and optimal charging strategy for electric vehicles", Energy. vol. 60, pp. 35-43, October 2013. [Online: September 2013]
    show more   JCR   DOI icon 10.1016/     JCR impact factor 4.844 (2014) - CIRC: EX

 2 publications


    Wireless monitoring of physiological and physical parameters for sports medicine, developed for: Zurelite Sports Systems SL. Mar/2012-Jul/2012
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    Development of SCIA and SCA systems, developed for: GAMESA. Jan/2012-Sep/2012
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    SCIA system with a prediction model, developed for: Gamesa. Jan/2011-Dec/2011
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    Aggregation control center II, developed for: Gamesa. Jan/2011-Dec/2011
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    Agregation control center, developed for: Gamesa. Oct/2010-Mar/2011
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    Embedded system for the energy management of electrical vehicles, developed for: Gamesa. Oct/2010-Mar/2011
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    Retailer´s management system for electric vehicles, developed for: IBM. Sep/2009-Sep/2011
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