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Dr. Ignacio Egido Cortés

Current position: Associate Professor
Research Area: Modelling, Analysis and Control Research Group
Association date: 14/Jun/2000
Location: AA25.D-312
Phone number: +34 91 542-2800 ext. 4282
ORCID: 0000-0003-1909-3473
Google Scholar ID: 1eTwx5oAAAAJ

Areas of interest:
Load-frequency control and voltage control. System modeling and control. Power system stability.

Ignacio Egido is Associate Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department of the ICAI School of Engineering, Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid. He has worked and lectured extensively on frequency and voltage control, especially on Automatic Generation Control (AGC), on power system modeling and stability, and on renewable energy sources integration in power systems, a field in which he has rendered consultancy services both for Electric Utilities and Transmission System Operators. He has published over 40 papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings. In 2005 he got the best Ph.D. Thesis in Engineering award from Comillas Pontifical University for his dissertation “Regulator Design for Automatic Generation Control (AGC)”. He teaches at undergraduate level courses on Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement, and Electric Drives, and at graduate level a course on Power System Operation and Control.

Journal Publications

 26 publications


 65 projects

Ph.D. Thesis

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 3 Ph.D. thesis

Conference Papers

 19 publications

Books and Book chapters

 1 books

Working papers

 1 working papers

Technical reports

    J. García-González, A. Contreras, E. Saiz, C. Fernandes, M. Vallés, E. Rivero, E. Lobato, A. Ramos, P. Frías, I. Egido, P. Sánchez, A. Altiparmakis, M. Litong-Palima, N. A. Cutululis, P. Sørensen, M. Stryg, J. Hansen, N. Detlefsen, J.C. Villumsen, J. Andersen, S. Wöllner, K.L. Falk, P. Ostos, J. Rivier, I. Azpiri, et al., "Economic impact analysis of the demonstrations in task-forces TF1 and TF3". Project: TWENTIES / WP15 / D15.1. Funded by Comisión Europea whitin "FP7-ENERGY". Nov/2013.
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 1 reports

Training courses

 5 courses

Other Activities

    Organization of "International Conference on Renewable Energy and Power Quality - ICREPQ’16". European Association for the Development of Renewable Energy, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ); Universidad de Vigo; y Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Madrid (Spain). May 2016.

    Organization of "Curso UETP «New challenges to ancillary services regulation and operation»". Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain). Nov 2007.

 2 activities

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