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Institute for Research in Technology

IIT is a research center of ICAI School of Engineering, which belongs to the Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain.

Its main objective is to promote research and post-graduate studies in different technological fields, by means of developing research projects of interest for the Industry and Administration.

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Recent Publications

  • Dietrich, K., Latorre, J.M., Olmos, L., Ramos, A.
    Modelling and assessing the impacts of self supply andmarket-revenue driven virtual power plants,
    Electric Power Systems Research. 119462-470, (Feb/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.595 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Picciariello, A., Reneses, J., Frías, P., Söder, L.
    Distributed generation and distribution pricing: why do we need new tariff design methodologies?,
    Electric Power Systems Research. 119370-376, (Feb/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.595 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Chaves, J.P., Fernandes, C.
    The Spanish intraday market design: A successful solution to balance renewable generation?,
    Renewable Energy. 74422-432, (Feb/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.361 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Dias, R., Linares, P.
    Electricity load level detail in computational general equilibrium - part II - welfare impacts of a demand response program,
    Energy Economics. 4752-67, (Jan/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.580 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Danesin, A., Linares, P.
    An estimation of fuel demand elasticities for Spain: an aggregated panel approach accounting for diesel share,
    Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. 49 (1), 1-16, (Jan/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 0.592 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Wang, J.L., Jiménez-Octavio, J.R., Wei, Ch., Shabana, A.A.
    Low order continuum-based liquid sloshing formulation for vehicle system dynamics,
    Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.530 (2013) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Such, M., Jiménez-Octavio, J.R., Carnicero, A., Sanchez-Rebollo, C.
    Simulación de cargas móviles sobre estructuras mediante un mallado móvil de elementos finitos,
    Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería .
    show more JCR  Latindex   JCR impact factor 0.229 (2013) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Munoz-Garcia, J., Vázquez, L., Castro, M., Gago, R., Redondo-Cubero, A., Moreno Barrado, A., Cuerno, R.
    Self-organized nanopatterning of silicon surfaces by ion beam sputtering,
    Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports. 861-44, (Dec/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 11.789 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Mastropietro, P., Batlle, C., Barroso, L., Rodilla, P.
    Electricity auctions in South America: Towards convergence of system adequacy and RES-E support,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 40375-385, (Dec/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.510 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Saiz, E., Lobato, E., Egido, I., Gómez-Sánchez, C.
    Voltage control assessment of wind energy harvesting networks,
    IET Renewable Power Generation. 8 (8), 915-924, (Nov/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.280 (2013) - CIRC: EX



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