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Institute for Research in Technology

IIT is a research center of ICAI School of Engineering, which belongs to the Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain.

Its main objective is to promote research and post-graduate studies in different technological fields, by means of developing research projects of interest for the Industry and Administration.

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Latest News

  • On Monday November 18th Ernest Moniz was grantend with Honoris Causa Doctorate by Comillas University of Madrid, Spain. Professor Moniz was named United States Secretary of Energy by President Barack Obama on May 2013. Formerly he was Director of the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and played a very important role in pushing for the program of collaboration between Comillas and MIT named COMITES. Under the umbrella of COMITES the IIT is developing research projects in cooperation with MIT (getting financial support mostly from US companies and agencies), ICAI professor are regularly teaching courses at MIT, and there is an active exchange of PhD students between MIT and IIT with several thesis being co-supervised by MIT and IIT professors.

Recent Publications

  • Chaves, J.P., Fernandes, C.
    The Spanish intraday market design: A successful solution to balance renewable generation?,
    Renewable Energy. 74422-432, (Feb/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.361 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Picciariello, A., Reneses, J., Frías, P., Söder, L.
    Distributed generation and distribution pricing: why do we need new tariff design methodologies?,
    Electric Power Systems Research.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.595 (2013) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Sánchez, A., Gómez, T., Fernández, I., Calvillo, C.
    Business models towards the effective integration of electric vehicles in the grid,
    IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine.
    show more Accepted for publication.
  • Wang, J.L., Jiménez-Octavio, J.R., Wei, Ch., Shabana, A.A.
    Low order continuum-based liquid sloshing formulation for vehicle system dynamics,
    Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.530 (2013) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Such, M., Jiménez-Octavio, J.R., Carnicero, A., Sanchez-Rebollo, C.
    Simulación de cargas móviles sobre estructuras mediante un mallado móvil de elementos finitos,
    Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería .
    show more JCR  Latindex   JCR impact factor 0.229 (2013) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Mastropietro, P., Batlle, C., Barroso, L., Rodilla, P.
    Electricity auctions in South America: Towards convergence of system adequacy and RES-E support,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 40375-385, (Dec/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.510 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Munoz-Garcia, J., Vázquez, L., Castro, M., Gago, R., Redondo-Cubero, A., Moreno Barrado, A., Cuerno, R.
    Self-organized nanopatterning of silicon surfaces by ion beam sputtering,
    Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports. 861-44, (Dec/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 11.789 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Dias, R., Linares, P.
    Electricity load level detail in computational general equilibrium - Part I - Data and calibration,
    Energy Economics. 46258-266, (Nov/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.580 (2013) - CIRC: EX
  • Rodríguez Monter, A., Bueno, E.J., García-Cerrada, A., Rodríguez, F.J., Sánchez, F.M.
    Detailed analysis of the implementation of frequency-adaptive resonant and repetitive current controllers for grid-connected converters,
    Electric Power Systems Research. 116231-242, (Nov/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.595 (2013) - CIRC: A
  • Rodriguez, A., Frías, P., Reneses, J., Cossent, R., Mateo, C.
    Optimal investment in smart MV/LV substations to improve continuity of supply,
    International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. 62410-418, (Nov/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.432 (2012) - CIRC: EX



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