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Institute for Research in Technology

The IIT is a center within the ICAI School of Engineering at Comillas Pontifical University.

Its main aim is to promote research and training among postgraduate students in different technological fields by means of participating in specific projects of interest for the Industry and the Administration.

The purpose of the IIT is to make a contribution to society by transferring its research results. This transfer is based on the strictest respect for freedom and diversity of opinions of the researchers and lecturers as conscientious and independent experts. See details.

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Recent Publications

  • Calvillo, C., Sánchez, A., Villar, J.
    Energy management and planning in smart cities,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 55, 273-287, (Mar/2016)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.901 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Alonso, I., Contreras, D.
    Evaluation of semantic similarity metrics applied to the automatic retrieval of medical documents: An UMLS approach,
    Expert Systems with Applications. 44, 386-399, (Feb/2016)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.240 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Chazarra, M., García-González, J., Pérez-Díaz, J.I., Arteseros, M.
    Stochastic optimization model for the weekly scheduling of ahydropower system in day-ahead and secondary regulation reservemarkets,
    Electric Power Systems Research. 130, 67-77, (Jan/2016)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.749 (2014) - CIRC: A
  • Chatzivasileiadis, S., Bonvini, M., Matanza, J., Yin, R., Liu, Z., Nouidui, T., Kara, E.C., Parmar, R., Lorenzetti, D., et al.,
    Cyber physical modeling of distributed resources for distribution system operations,
    Proceedings of the IEEE.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 4.934 (2014) - CIRC: EX Accepted for publication.
  • Paz, E., Narbón Prieto, J.J., Abenojar, J., Cledera-Castro, M.M., del Real-Romero, J.C.
    Influence of acrylic adhesive viscosity and surface roughness on the properties of adhesive joint,
    The Journal of Adhesion.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.417 (2014) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Matanza, J., Kiliccote, S., Alexandres, S., Rodríguez-Morcillo, C.
    Simulation of low-voltage narrow-band power line communication networks to propagate openADR signals,
    Journal of Communications and Networks.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.007 (2014) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Moreno Barrado, A., Castro, M., Munoz-Garcia, J., Cuerno, R.
    Stress vs sputtering effects in the propagation of surface ripples produced by ion-beam sputtering,
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. 365 (Part A), 13-16, (Dec/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.124 (2014) - CIRC: A
  • Tapia Ahumada, K., Octaviano, C., Rausch, S., Pérez-Arriaga, I.J.
    Modeling intermittent renewable electricity technologies in general equilibrium models,
    Economic Modelling. 51, 242-262, (Dec/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 0.827 (2014) - CIRC: A
  • Lumbreras, S., Ramos, A., Sánchez, P.
    Offshore wind farm electrical design using a hybrid of ordinal optimization and mixed-integer programming,
    Wind Energy. 18 (12), 2241-2258, (Dec/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.069 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Correa-Posada, C.M., Sánchez, P.
    Integrated power and natural gas model for energy adequacy in short-term operation,
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 30 (6), 3347-3355, (Nov/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.814 (2014) - CIRC: EX



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