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Institute for Research in Technology

IIT is a research center of ICAI School of Engineering, which belongs to the Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain.

Its main objective is to promote research and post-graduate studies in different technological fields, by means of developing research projects of interest for the Industry and Administration.

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Latest News

  • "Tell us your thesis in five minutes" is the competition that IIT, in collaboration with the Association of ICAI Engineers, has called on the occasion of his 30th birthday. The objective is to disseminate the research activity done in engineering, for all people. The contest is open, until May 26, for any student of Ph.D. in engineering at Spanish universities.
  • 5 of the undergraduate thesis developed at IIT during academic year 2012-2013 have been awarded by Accenture, Cátedra BP de Energía y Sostenibilidad, Empresarios Agrupados, Endesa and Everis. PDF
  • On Monday November 18th Ernest Moniz was grantend with Honoris Causa Doctorate by Comillas University of Madrid, Spain. Professor Moniz was named United States Secretary of Energy by President Barack Obama on May 2013. Formerly he was Director of the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and played a very important role in pushing for the program of collaboration between Comillas and MIT named COMITES. Under the umbrella of COMITES the IIT is developing research projects in cooperation with MIT (getting financial support mostly from US companies and agencies), ICAI professor are regularly teaching courses at MIT, and there is an active exchange of PhD students between MIT and IIT with several thesis being co-supervised by MIT and IIT professors.
  • For the sixth consecutive year, Máster en Sector Eléctrico (Erasmus Mundus), coordinated by Javier García González is number one in the ranking for "Environment: Energy" category, according to the study about the top 250 masters in Spain, published by El Mundo newspaper. El Mundo
  • Antonio Fernández-Cardador member of the technical-scientific committee for railways systems of Ministerio de Fomento. More information...

Recent Publications

  • Boal, J., Sánchez, A., Alvar, M.
    Matching monocular lightweight features using n-gram techniques for topological location identification,
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 0.880 (2012) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Matanza, J., Alexandres, S., Rodríguez-Morcillo, C.
    Advanced metering infrastructure performance using European low-voltage power line communication networks,
    IET Communications.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 0.637 (2012) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Nuñez, A., Pérez-Arriaga, I.J.
    Assessing the results of electricity liberalization for consumers in Spain,
    Energy Sources Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy. 9 (3), 221-228, (Jul/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 0.788 (2012)
  • Lumbreras, S., Ramos, A., Sánchez, P.
    Automatic selection of candidate investments for transmission expansion planning,
    International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. 59130-140, (Jul/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.432 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • del Río González, P. , Linares, P.
    Back to the future? Rethinking auctions for renewable electricity support,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 3542-56, (Jul/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.627 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Díaz, C.A., Campos, F.A., Villar, J.
    Existence and uniqueness of conjectured supply function equilibria,
    International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. 58266-273, (Jun/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.432 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Dupont, B., Dietrich, K., Ramos, A., Belmans, R.
    Impact of residential demand response on power system operation: a Belgian case study,
    Applied Energy. 1221-10, (Jun/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 4.781 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Chaves, J.P., Hakvoort, R.A. , Ramos, A.
    The impact of European balancing rules on wind power economics and on short-term bidding strategies,
    Energy Policy. 68383-393, (May/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.743 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Romero, J.C., Linares, P.
    Exergy as a global energy sustainability indicator. A review of the state of the art,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 33427-442, (May/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.627 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Roldán-Pérez, J., García-Cerrada, A., Zamora, J., Roncero-Sánchez, P.L., Acha, E.
    Troubleshooting a digital repetitive controller for a versatile dynamic voltage restorer,
    International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. 57105-115, (May/2014)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.432 (2012) - CIRC: EX



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