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Institute for Research in Technology

IIT is a research center of ICAI School of Engineering, which belongs to the Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid, Spain.

Its main objective is to promote research and post-graduate studies in different technological fields, by means of developing research projects of interest for the Industry and Administration.

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Recent Publications

  • Paz, E., Narbón Prieto, J.J., Abenojar, J., Cledera-Castro, M.M., del Real-Romero, J.C.
    Influence of acrylic adhesive viscosity and surface roughness on the properties of adhesive joint,
    The Journal of Adhesion.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.417 (2014) - CIRC: A Accepted for publication.
  • Bello, A., Reneses, J., Muñoz, A., Delgadillo, A.R.
    Probabilistic forecasting of hourly electricity prices in the medium-term using spatial interpolation techniques,
    International Journal of Forecasting.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.333 (2014) - CIRC: EX Accepted for publication.
  • Fitiwi, D., Olmos, L., Rivier, M., de Cuadra, F., Pérez-Arriaga, I.J.
    Finding a representative network losses model for large-scale transmission expansion planning with renewable energy sources,
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 4.844 (2014) - CIRC: EX Accepted for publication.
  • Campos, F.A., Muñoz, A., Sánchez-Úbeda, E.F., Portela, J.
    Strategic bidding in secondary reserve markets,
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.814 (2014) - CIRC: EX Accepted for publication.
  • Delgadillo, A.R., Reneses, J.
    Analysis of the effect of voltage level requirements on an electricity market equilibrium model,
    International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. 71, 93-100, (Oct/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.432 (2012) - CIRC: EX
  • Sastre, C. M., González-Arechavala, Y., Santos-Montes, A.
    Global warming and energy yield evaluation of Spanish wheat straw electricity generation - A LCA that takes into account parameter uncertainty and variability,
    Applied Energy. 154, 900-911, (Sep/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 5.613 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Jiménez-Octavio, J.R., Carnicero, A., Sanchez-Rebollo, C., Such, M.
    A moving mesh method to deal with cable structures subjected to moving loads and its application to the catenary-pantograph dynamic interaction,
    Journal of Sound and Vibration. 349, 216-229, (Aug/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.813 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Li, F., Marangon-Lima, J.W., Rudnick, H., Marangon-Lima, L.M., Padhy, N., Brunekreeft, G., Reneses, J., Kang, C.
    Distribution pricing: are we ready for the smart grid?,
    IEEE Power and Energy Magazine. 13 (4), 76-86, (Aug/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 1.593 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Paz, E., Sanz, P., Abenojar, J., Vaquero, J., Forriol, F., del Real-Romero, J.C.
    Evaluation of elution and mechanical properties of high-dose antibiotic-loaded bone cement: comparative "in vitro" study of the influence of vancomycin and cefazolin,
    The Journal of Arthroplasty. 30 (8), 1423-1429, (Aug/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 2.666 (2014) - CIRC: EX
  • Fernández-Bernal, F., Egido, I., Lobato, E.
    Maximum wind power generation in a power system imposed by system inertia and primary reserve requirements,
    Wind Energy. 18 (8), 1501-1514, (Aug/2015)
    show more JCR   JCR impact factor 3.069 (2014) - CIRC: EX



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